The following guidance from Ikeda Sensei can be found in Kosen-Rufu: Our Mission, vol. 1, p. 236.

The French philosopher Alain (1868–1951) observed that Joan of Arc inspired the masses and made them her allies through earnest dialogue and persuasion, and he described this as a “miracle of will.” There is nothing more powerful than the firm resolve of a young woman, her gaze direct, absolutely determined to achieve her goals. …

With their lively greetings and welcoming smiles, the Byakuren have also won countless allies. Those who visit our community and culture centers are always favorably impressed and full of praise for the wonderful young women on duty. …

We live in an age that is increasingly disordered, an age where people lean toward taking the easy way, an age where selfishness and irresponsibility prevail. It is a superficial age where many young people let their passing emotions rule their lives and end up drowning in life’s turbid waters.

Doing just as you please may seem like fun, but it won’t lead you to genuine happiness and a life of true victory and fulfillment. Without hard work and training, you cannot complete and perfect yourself. You cannot attain happiness. A person who has withstood the storms of life is unbeatable. History bears this out. …

The important thing is to build a solid foundation for becoming happy. There is all the difference in the world between dreams and reality.

I hope that our Byakuren, therefore, will have deep, deep confidence that, through their admirable service to others, they are building an indestructible foundation of happiness for their entire lives.





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