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‘Joyful and Triumphant’ May Contribution activity The 2023 May Commemorative Contribution activity will take place from April 28 to June 4 with the theme of “Joyful and Triumphant With the Heart of the Lion King.” Kickoff meetings will take place April 23–28, and a number of valuable resources will be provided to districts throughout the campaign via the SGI-USA publications and member portal. This year, all contributors will receive a commemorative bookmark. Leadership development to transmit the spirit and purpose of activities With increasing four-divisional inperson activities taking place, the CEC members voted to update the guidelines for new members to join the SGI-USA. They are: • Attended three in-person discussion meetings; or any in-person four-divisional meeting and three virtual district-level discussion or study meetings. • Shared an experience at any fourdivisional meeting. Also, in an effort to bridge communication gaps and effectively transmit the spirit and purpose of SGI-USA activities to every member, the CEC reaffirmed the importance of holding “Skip One Level” meetings this year. For instance, national leaders will meet with zone teams; territory leaders will meet with region teams and so forth. Streamlined communication and tools Easing memo distribution: In March, the SGI-USA will begin distributing organizational memos directly to our membership instead of asking leaders to forward communication. The purpose is to simplify communications. Members can also access organizational memos in their portal accounts based on their leadership position. SGI-USA mobile app updates: In March, the SGI-USA mobile app will be updated to include a daimoku speed controller. Additionally, many of the embedded web pages have been removed, and the app now offers a list of links to quickly access SGI-USA online resources and websites. Monthly district member care meetings: The CEC reiterated the importance of the monthly district member care meeting, focusing on two critical resources: 1) the “Monthly Member Care Checklist,” which districts can use to gauge how their district is doing; and 2) the “Monthly District Subscriptions Report,” which is automatically emailed to all district and chapter teams on the first Monday of each month. This report identifies expired and soon-to-expire subscribers so districts can promote the publications as a textbook of faith.