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1. First Soka Gakkai President Tsunesaburo Makiguchi was arrested and imprisoned on charges of violating the infamous Peace Preservation Law and of Lèse-majesté. He died on Nov. 18, 1944, of malnutrition and the heavy physical toll that long solitary confinement took on his health, at the age of 73. His disciple and successor Josei Toda, who was also incarcerated, learned of his mentor’s death on Jan. 8, 1945. Later, Mr. Toda said: “On Jan. 8, as I was thinking again: ‘I am young. I wish that my elderly mentor might be released as soon as possible,’ I was informed that he died in November the year before . ... I resolved to exert myself wholeheartedly to introducing others to Nichiren Buddhism and to give my life for the sake of Nammyoho-renge-kyo.”